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8 Responses to “Digital sky”

  1. Roofus says:

    That looks like the best gig ever! The vid & the song go beautifully together – loved it!

  2. lasermonkey says:

    Yet another corker of a song! I particularly liked the ex-Byrds/Buffalo Springfield/Hollies-esque BVs. I shall be really sad when the song-a-week is over.

  3. Thanks lasermonkey – I’ll be sad when it’s over too!

  4. Soooz says:

    Yeah – what he said…

  5. Fabster abster says:

    Singing two-legged crabs! Awesome:~)Great song too!

  6. Fabster abster says:

    Please can Monty feature in the next video? He’s got an equity card….fee negotiable..

  7. I showed Sammy Bear. He said “Wow!”
    We like it too

  8. Sorry abster – we don’t pay union rates here – If he’s willing to work long hours for free he could be in with a shot (maybe out of a cannon) :-)


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